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911 GT2

This double volume book tells the story of Porsche's first GT2 model, which became one of the most collectable and influential cars for the worldwide rise of GT racing. This first edition is limited t...



ZTS392093 Speedyellow

Book on 911 GT2

Porsche's GT2 model will receive its own book in July 2021. The publisher is currently finishing a double-volume book on the GT2. The first volume will cover all road-going GT2 cars and GT2 Clubsports...

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S19 7172 fine

Center brake lamp on Starwars' new fighter

Introduced in 1986, the center brake lamp has found its way into the space craft industry, the new Jedi-fighter for example... In the old days James Bond pulled out a foldable Sony cell phone and peop...

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Dls singer event 2019 03 21 2 kl

911 über extreme

4.0 liter—500 horsepower—9000rpm... you go the 911 R. But it's not. It's the air-cooled (!) Williams F1 Engineering co-developed flat six of Singer's dynamic light weight study. I ask myself, why didn...

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Lauf singer event 2019 03 21 5 kl

Sculpting the essence of an air-cooled 911 to a one-off piece of art copy

A 1991 Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer. There’s a saying that a man should accomplish three things in in life: build a house, plant a tree, become a father. I’d extend that bucket list to bringing a ...

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A 911 on the third pay check

Every Monday I had to bicycle to my clarinet teacher. I passed this 911 every time as it sat in the driveway. I set myself a goal: by the time I'll be 27, I'll have that. When I was twenty, I moved ou...

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